Mr. Cieszkowski

Ryan Cieszkowski

Ryan Cieszkowski
Science Teacher

[email protected]

M.A. in Biology Education
Western Governors University
B.S. in Biological Science/Interdepartmental Sciences
Michigan State University

IB Certifications
Level 1 Biology

August 2013

I have loved science since I was a child and knew that my career would be science based in some way.  Teaching has allowed me to introduce various sciences to many students and share with them the passion I have for it.  I am very enthusiastic to be a part of the excellent Oxford High School teaching staff! 

I currently live in Washington Township with my wife Stephanie.  My favorite things to do in my spare time are working out, fishing and fossil collecting.  I have always had an interest in paleontology, and since 2003 have been traveling to private ranches in Montana, Wyoming, South Dakota, and North Dakota to look for and dig up dinosaur fossils.  Over that time I have amassed a pretty large collection and some of it is on display at Dinosaur Hill Nature Preserve in Rochester, MI.