Mrs. Smith

Janice Smith

Janice Smith

[email protected]
248.969.5100 Ext. 4192

M.A. in Foreign Language
Wayne State University

International Baccalaureate Certification
Level 1 Curriculum
Level 2 Assessment

January 1985

Hola, me llamo Sra. Smith.  Teaching Spanish has been a passion of mine for many years.  I want to help students develop the skills to use Spanish in a meaningful way.  I hope to have them communicate in typical daily-life situations.  I also want to open my students' eyes to other cultures.  Today's young Americans need to be not just tolerant, but accepting of other cultures.  We need to embrace and celebrate our many cultures. In this way we can open our minds to new thinking and create new opportunities for the future. 

I am also the advisor of the Spanish Club here at the high school. We try to do things in the Spanish Club that we cannot do in the classroom.  We take field trips to see Hispanic concerts.  We welcome our exchange students and listen to them discuss a teenager's life in another part of the world.  We use music to Christmas carol and visit the needy during the holiday season.  Spanish students feel that the Spanish Club is a place where they can get together and have fun and use their Spanish with other young people.