Mr. Card

Christopher Card

Christopher Card
Vocal Music

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248.969.5100  Ext. 5168
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M.A. in Secondary Music Education
B.A. in Secondary Music Education
Samuel B. Adams Vocal Award
Western Michigan University

Telecommunications and the Arts Scholarship

Lansing Community College (two years)

International Baccalaureate Certificaiton
Level 2 Assessment
Level 3 Music

August 2007

Welcome to my classroom! Oxford High School Choirs have become a place where students love to sing and are regularly challenging themselves to create a world-class choir program.  All this effort is paying off asOxford High School Choirs are receiving invitations to perform around the world.  To accomplish our goal of becoming a world-class choir we structure each day to offer a balance of seriousness and fun - we call it serious fun.  It is this balance that has caused our program to grow from 63 students to over 200 in the past five years.

I have been teaching since 1993 and have been fulfilled by my work with OHS Choirs that began in 2007.  When I am not enjoying my work at OHS I love spending time with my wife Christine and my two children Cullen and Ceana. 

For more information on our choirs you can visit our website at You can also look us up on YouTube to join the over 230,000 people that have viewed our videos.