Michele Demski, Suzuki Strings Guitar



Shooting Stars

In this tuition-based curriculum, students receive instruction in either the violin, cello, or guitar. Suzuki Strings is popular and growing as Oxford is one of the very few school districts that offer such an opportunity to learn a stringed instrument. At such a young age, kids have an opportunity to enjoy themselves making music, learning to play in a group as an orchestra, and play concerts as the children proudly exhibit their newfound skills of musicianship.


The Suzuki method is a music education model for young beginners in a nurturing environment, applying basic principles of language acquisition to learning music which help them to further excel at their academics and enhance their quality of life.  Learning music in this way is achieved by listening to music recordings, the development of technique and musicianship through teacher modeling, the repetition of graded repertoire, and learning to play in groups.


With a positive and encouraging environment, including peer motivation and equal partnership between parents and teachers, a child's ability to develop his or her full potential is unlimited!


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