Oxford High School Dress Code

Dress Code

This is covered under rule #38 in the Code of Conduct

A neat, clean personal appearance is important to the individual,
and contributes to a pleasant atmosphere in the school. Though students may dress according to their own taste, their manner of dress must not interfere with the learning process, endanger health or safety, cause disruption, or violate the civil code or commonly accepted community standards of decency. In cases where staff members feel a violation of this policy has occurred, students are to correct the violation or be
referred to the office and possibly sent home to change clothes.
Students are not allowed to wear the following:
1. Outdoor clothing: hats, scarves, bandanas, coats sunglasses
2. Clothing or jewelry/wristbands with messages regarding drugs, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, sex or offensive/suggestive language
3. Baggy pants or low slung pants that show boxers, shorts or undergarments
4. Shirts or pants which reveal undergarments (including bra straps)
5. Shorts or skirts that do not meet finger-tip length when arms are hung straight to the side (even with leggings underneath)
6. Tops that are low cut, revealing, midriff-baring, see-through or open mesh. Shirts must have straps that measure approximately the width of three fingers
7. Pajamas, pajama pants, slippers
8. Pants/shorts with rips or holes that are not below the finger-tip length when arms are hung straight to the side 9. Stretch pants of any type, unless covered by skirt/shorts/shirt which cover the anterior and posterior of the hip section of the body
The above rules may be amended by the administration as deemed necessary due to fashion trends.
Thank you,
Oxford High School Administration

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